Ballykeefe is situated in the heartland of Ireland, adjacent to its medieval capital, Kilkenny city. It is steeped in a historic heritage and tradition, holding the unique distinction of being the birthplace of Irish Whiskey.

It is from our area that the first written account of distilling in Ireland comes in 1324. It was written in the Red Book of Ossory. The word “whiskey” is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic phrase, uisce beatha, meaning “water of life”.

At Ballykeefe we are now bringing a truly special “water of life” from centuries past to a new generation for their pleasure and good health.

Ballykeefe is a truly Artisan and fully Irish owned on farm Distillery producing a super-premium whiskey, truly exceptional gin and a special vodka. Situated in the heartland of the medieval capital of Ireland. Ballykeefe is steeped in rich Irish culture and traditions, these are combined with the very best of today’s technology and practices to ensure lowest carbon footprint and highest levels of sustainability.

As a distillery on an Irish family farm, we can guarantee that it’s Ballykeefe from the time we sow the seeds in our fields to the bottling of our whiskey many years later in our very own bottling plant. Ballykeefe from “Our fields to Your glass” assures you of our unique personal care to quality assurance in every stage of the transformation of our Ballykeefe grain to Ballykeefe whiskey, making it truly worthy of the ancient Irish title “water of life”

Our aim is to produce none other than the gold standard of Irish whiskey, gin and vodka. Thankfully mother nature has provided us with the best advantage possible from the purest, clearest spring water and barley born of the finest earth in Ireland. Our production model favours protecting the beautiful environment that gave us these superb ingredients over commercial interests. While the exceptional craftsmanship of an award-winning Master Distiller works his magical craft to ensure that Ballykeefe spirits live up to the expectations of the birthplace of Irish whiskey.

As we are an artisan operation, our products will be as rare as they are special. We have limited production capacity as a family farm distillery, therefore every bottle is individually numbered in our on site bottling plant. Limited edition is the only edition at Ballykeefe.

There are many different factors that contribute to the perfect whiskey. In our opinion two of the most important ingredients to creating this superb product comes from mother nature, barley and water. Great barley and crystal-clear water are essential to creating exceptional whiskey, and luckily, we have both in abundance from our family farm here at Ballykeefe.

*From distillery website 9 Aug 2017

IWSA Notes:

Location: Ballykeefe, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

  • Principle Partners / Owner(s): Morgan and Anne Ging

  • Year Founded: 2017

  • Date of First Production: December 2016

  • Capacity: 350,000 bottles per year (estimated)

  • Style: Potato Vodka, Gin, Single Pot Still

  • US Distribution Plans: 46% will be exported to America (overall goal) , in mean time we will be focusing on our domestic market.

History/Back Story/Facts:

  • 100% self-sustainable

  • All barley, BRAND Olympus, 100% non gmo modified and water (aquafier 260ft below the court yard embedded in Kilkenny limestone rock, giving a beautiful taste, all provided by mother nature) used directly from their own farm, (120 acres of farming land), surrounding the distillery

  • Artisan, fully Irish owned, Morgan and Anne Ging.

  • Master Distiller: Jamie Baggott

  • Head of Public Relations: Lynda Bolger

  • Tours available, daily 2pm and 4pm, Booking is essential

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