We are a micro-distillery based in west Waterford on the banks of the Blackwater river. We like to keep it real, which is why early in the morning we switch on the lights, open the post and fire up the still. We make small batch gin the old fashioned way with 100% Irish spirit, real botanicals and lots of care and attention.

The distillery takes its name from the nearby Blackwater river. Its Irish name is ‘An Abhainn Mhor’ which means ‘The Big River. And big it certainly is. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Munster Blackwater’, it rises on the Cork, Kerry border and flows due east into Waterford where it makes an abrupt right turn at Cappoquin. From there it flows past the distillery and into the sea at Youghal.


*From distillery website 20 July 2017

IWSA Notes:

  • Currently best known for their award winning Gins

  • Planning new distillery in Ballyduffy in 2018

  • Distilling Irish Whisky (deliberate spelling) in original location in Cappoquin from May to December, 2017. They woill then close the Cappoquin distillery, and move to Ballyduff. 

  • Regarding dropping the "e," the following is from a blog on the Blackwater website (April, 2017)

    • As for the lack of an ‘e’ – I’ve blogged about this before and it’s really no big deal. All you have to know is that the universal ‘e’ in Irish whiskey is as recent as the early 1970’s. It relates back to the dark days when one company had a monopoly over the production of whiskey on this island."​

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