Welcome to the home of traditional Irish whiskey. The Kilbeggan Distillery is the oldest licensed distillery in Ireland, retaining its license to distill whiskey on the same site and in the same buildings for 260 years.

The distillery is situated on the banks of the River Brosna, with plenty of access to the three natural ingredients needed for whiskey distillation – water, grain and turf. In fact, we still use the water from River Brosna to make our whiskey today.

Dating back to 1757 a visit today lets you discover real artisanal Irish whiskey distilling at its finest. See for yourself the traditional method of mashing in oak mash tuns, fermenting in Oregon pine vats, and the new Kilbeggan malt spirit flowing from the 180 year old pot still.

A tour of Kilbeggan Distillery will take you back in time to discover how Irish whiskey was made during John Locke’s ownership of the distillery during the 19th century before bringing you into the present where you can hear, smell and taste Kilbeggan® Irish whiskey as it is made today. The perfect marriage of past and present makes Kilbeggan Distillery an authentic Irish experience not to be missed.

We maintain our traditional whiskey distillation methods, handed down from generation to generation. In Kilbeggan Distillery we have retained an original pot still that is now over 180 years old! More than a museum piece, we still use it to make some of our Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey to this day. It’s not just our equipment though, our passion has been passed along to a new generation, working today to bring you traditional Irish whiskeys, as they should be. Our Global Ambassador, John Cashman explains why we think the old ways are best.

We use our heritage to inspire us every day - from the original wooden wash backs through to the oldest pot still in Ireland, at over 180 years old it is still making our traditional Irish whiskey. 

*From distillery website 20 July 2017

IWSA Notes:

  • Oldest licensed distillery in Ireland, retaining its license to distill whiskey on the same site and in the same buildings for 260 years.

  • Spirit still flowing from the 180 year old pot still (refurbished and refired up in 2007)

  • Founded by Mattheius McMannus in 1757

  • Bought by the Codd family in 1794, brought the canla to Kilbeggan

  • Bought by the (John) Locke family in 1843

  • Ceased operations in 1957

  • Teeling family purchased in 1987

Kilbeggan Distillery Lower Main Street Kilbeggan Co. Westmeath

Tel: +353579332134



Cooley Distillery is nestled in the foothills of the Cooley Mountains in Co. Louth. The Cooley Distillery enjoys a perfect location for a whiskey distillery due to its access to clean, pure water from the Slieve na gCloc river that runs down from the mountain and right by the distillery.

Both patent and pot stills are used here at Cooley allowing us to produce both malt and grain whiskey, reinvigorating old famous brands such as Kilbeggan® and Tyrconnell while also allowing us to create new brands such as Connemara Peated Single Malt and Greenore Single Grain Irish whiskey.

*From distillery website 20 July 2017

IWSA Notes:

  • Established in 1987 

  • In the Cooley Peninsula in Co. Louth, near the border with Northern Ireland

  • First new distillery in Ireland in 100 years (in 1987)

  • Founded by John Teeling who converted a potato Alcohol plant into a Whiskey distillery

  • Started distilling in 1989.  

  • Provides much of the sourced whiskey for new distilleries and brands

  • Currently produces 1.5 million litres and fills approximately 12,000 200L ex-Bourbon casks annually

  • Stock matures both at the distillery in Cooley and in the old Kilbeggan distillery

  • World Distiller of the Year, 2008

  • Distillery purchased by Beam in 2012, then by Suntory in 2014. Now a subsidiary of Beam Suntory

Dundalk Rd, Maddox Garden, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland

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