Lough Ree


Our Story

Family Connections

The idea of starting a distillery has been a topic of dinner table conversation among the Clancy family for some time. As plans came together we thought long and hard about where to locate the new venture. While we are passionate about Lanesborough, where we grew up, we are all too practically minded to make the decision on purely sentimental grounds.

Then the penny dropped. Lough Ree Distillery is all about connection: connecting Whiskey tradition with modern technology. Connecting the gentle pace of rural Ireland with the confidence of a new generation. So it was more than our own roots that decided it for us. It was the bridge connecting East and West, the roads and river that connect Lanesborough to the rest of the region. Then, after securing the ideal premises we found out that our great grand uncle was resident there at the time of the 1901 Census. A sign if ever there was one!

Our Distillery

A Meeting Place For The Senses

For those enjoying a glass, Whiskey is alive with stories, myths and yarns. And often, production is associated with beautiful, out of the way places. We knew the perfect place that was beautiful, yet in the heart of Ireland with easy connections to all parts of the country.

We are located in a beautiful Georgian building just 50m from Lanesborough’s historic, 1,000 year old bridge over the mighty river Shannon, with views over Lough Ree. The property, which dates from 1806, gives us the space we need to build a state-of-the-art production facility adjoining it. It offers us the flexibility and capacity to distill a variety of products, to mature casks on site , and an ideal space for our visitor experience.

The Visitor Experience will open in December 2018, giving visitors an informative and entertaining insight to the products and the town, and providing a launch point for exploration of the wider area.

Our Spirits

Spirits Reborn

Our vision is to make the finest, most highly regarded Irish Spirits, here in our home town, Lanesborough. We want to respect the long tradition of Whiskey making, which some say began on the shores of Lough Ree. But we won’t be bound by that tradition. We will be drawing on our considerable marketing, commercial and beverage industry experience to innovate, to create new ideas and experiences that will lead the sector. These products will include:

  • Premium Single Cask Whiskey

  • Single Pot Still

  • Single Malt

  • Gin

  • Vodka

  • Poitin

  • Liqueurs

  • Fruit Spirits

Ambassador Program – Your Cask

This is an invitation only programme , whereby successful applicants are being invited to purchase your own cask of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey.

  • Ex Bourbon, Wine or Fortified Wine Cask with a nominal fill volume of 200L,

  • Custom Cask branding with your name, signature, coat of arms or logo,

  • Produced within our first 1000 casks, and

  • Matured by us on the shores of Lough Ree for up to 7 years.


​​*From distillery website May 2018


Lough Ree Distillery,
Main Street,
Co. Longford

Peter Clancy

CEO, Lough Ree Distillery
T: (+353) 43 335 1250
E: peter.clancy@lrd.ie

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