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This distillery is expected to begin production in the Spring of 2018. But I had the fantastic opportunity to meet with Alex Peirce, CEO of the distillery just recently. You may recognize the name as Alex and his family have been in the whiskey business for quite some time. Another name you might recognize is Noel Sweeney. The legend himself has been tasked not only as Master Distiller, but Noel also designed the stills and is responsible for the entire production process. Those Forsyth stills he designed were delivered just a couple weeks ago.

The site shows great progress to date, having just began commissioning in January of 2018, and with first productions runs planned for April of 2018, they have more than their fair share of work to do. But they’re off to a good start! As you can see from the pictures, the three copper pots are already in place along with much of the stainless work. All of this is being built around its historic centerpiece, the old Powercourt Estate Mill House, which is being carefully secured and restored. Plans are to get the distillery up and running, then finalize the visitors center, shops, etc. secondarily. Whiskey first!  

Once completed, the distillery building itself will be approximately 20,000 square feet, including the distillery, visitors center, and tasting rooms. Vatting and warehousing will be onsite in a separate building right next to the distillery and visitors center. As stated above the distillery should begin production in April of 2018, with the Visitors Center, etc. opening to the public by the end of the summer.

Having met Alex, and knowing his family history and experience in the industry, AND combined with the talent and skill of Noel Sweeney at the production helm, we think this is clearly one of the distilleries to look for in the coming years. Or better yet, you can get in on the action early as they are offering a Cask Program as well. It might be nice to have your own, personal cask lying in wait for you one Powercourt grounds.

UPDATE March 2018:

1. Work is progressing well! Renovation to Warehouse Number 1 to be used for on-site maturation is well underway!

PowersCourt Distillery Ireland

2. PowersCourt has introduced and exciting Cask Program! Imagine owning your own cask in Ireland, sleeping in the warehouse, wait patiently for you to enjoy. Contact for more info at: casks@powerscourtdistillery.com

PowersCourt Cask Program




IWSA Notes:

  • Name of Distillery: Powerscourt Distillery, Powerscourt Estate, Enniskerry, Wicklow

  • Year distillery founded: 2016

  • Construction Start / Completion date: August 2017 / Summer 2018

  • Date of first production: April 2018

  • Capacity at full production: 800k-1M LPA

  • Style of whiskey: Single Malt & Pot Still

  • Other spirits distilled: N/A

  • Brands: Fercullen, Powerscourt

  • Master distiller: Noel Sweeney

  • Tour options/ availability: Yes. Visitors Center to open Summer 2018

  • History/backstory:  The idea for Powerscourt Distillery came to Enniskerry man Gerry Ginty while he was working in UK. Through his brother-in-law, Ashley Gardiner, he received initial support and the pair succeeded in securing planning permission for a distillery on the Powerscourt Estate. A chance meeting between Ashley and a former classmate (current CFO) Roger Duggan led to the introduction of Alex (CEO) and Mike Peirce (Chairman) - both of whom have been involved with Isle of Arran Distillery in Scotland since its formation in 1995. A new plan emerged and with the impetus of experience, sound financial planning and involvement of Powerscourt Estate’s Slazenger family, the current project took shape. Award-winning Master Distiller, Noel Sweeney, joined in January 2017… exciting times ahead. 


The plant will include:

  • 3 Grain silos

  • Grain Mill

  • 2.5Te Mash tun

  • Conversion vessel

  • 4 Fermenters

  • 3 Copper Pot stills (2 with boil balls)

More Distillery information in the news:


Powerscourt House & Gardens

Powerscourt Demesne

Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, Ireland