West Cork


The distillery at West Cork is very unique in that most of the mashing, fermentation & distilling equipment was handcrafted on site by the team at WCD.  No other distillery work force can be so  knowledgeable and intimately married to its equipment.

Note from West Cork website*

- Several notable ways-of-working which all contribute to making the finest quality spirits.

- The most southerly located distillery on the Atlantic Archipelago which provides a unique meso-thermal

- Microclimate for which West Cork is famous and which is ideal for the maturation of Irish whiskey.

- Triple distills all its Irish whiskey.

- Malts some of its own barley.

- Uses Irish grown grain in the production of its Irish whiskey.

- Uses pot stills in the production of its Irish whiskey.

- Uses spring water in the production of its Irish whiskey (i.e. no treated municipal water is used).

- Half fills its spirit stills in order to allow for maximal copper – spirit vapour interactions which is key to the production of quality Irish whiskey.

*From distillery website 20 July 2017


IWSA Notes:

  • Founded in 2003

  • Original release was "Kennedys" and was also blended with sourced Cooleys to make "Cavanagh's" 

  • In 2012, dismantled Holstiens stills and instered copper coils to make pot stills

  • In 2012, started producing whiskey, but distillery and storehouse was too small. Moved to Skibbereen

  • They have plenty of mature whiskey, but none yet is 100% WCD

  • Malt all their barley in house, they have built their silos to facilitate this.

  • The distillery currently produces 2.5million litres of spirit a year 

  • Recently purchased a new 11 acre site on 500 metres up the road into which they plan to move in 2018

  • Numerous independent bottlings are also produced using ex-Cooley and ex-Bushmills stock.

Marsh Road
West Cork

Tel.: 00-353-28-22815
Email: info@westcorkdistillers.com

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